Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to " Create a Painted Stained Glass Project"

"Cardinal and Magnolia" painted stained glass project anyone can re-create using the supplies listed and step by step instructions. The pattern is color keyed making this a "Paint by Number" project.

Leading the Project: Follow the steps to making a "tape tip" to apply leading to the project. Lead along the heavy lines of the design. Allow to dry 12 hours.

Apply Paint: Touch the tip of the paint bottle to the surface of the project, allow the bottle tip to run along the leading to fill completely. Use a cotton swab to remove unwanted or excess paint.

Combing and Blending Paint: Use the metal combing tool in the Gallery Glass Tool Kit to smooth and blend the paint colors together. Follow the arrows on the pattern as a guide for blending directions. Use a toothpick to pop visible bubbles.

Background: The background color is best applied after all other color has been painted and dried. Using the tip of the bottle to apply paint in a swirling technique filling in the background area completely. Do not apply heavily. Do not comb the paint, the background should be left bumpy.

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